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Wet Area Lockers

Steel Wet Area Lockers

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Wet Area Lockers

Wet Area Lockers are made from galvanised steel or mild steel coated with zinc. They are especially suitable for damp environments such as swimming pools, changing rooms, industrial wet areas or food preparation plants. Each compartment comes with a moisture resistant camlock for superior lock performance in moist conditions. For swimming pool environments, and where chlorine is present, we recommend a specially designed moisture resistant and chlorine resistant camlock.

Wet Area Lockers come is two sizes of locker footprints (width x depth) and four different door configurations as well as a choice of six very popular door colours. Further choices of size, door configuration and colours are available on request for modest minimum orders.

The one tier locker provides a long thin storage space with a shelf at the top of the compartment for smaller items and a coat hook provided as standard. This locker is perfect when needing to store items such as long coats.

Compared with the one tier locker, the two tier locker allows for double the number of people to have a locker in the same room or space. The compartment is tall enough to take a short coat or jacket on the hook provided as standard. Separating the two compartments is a rigid security shelf designed to resist unauthorised access to the lower compartment when the upper one is open.

The three tier, and four tier lockers are ideal for use in schools, colleges and in retail. Like the two tier locker, all are fitted with robust security shelves between the compartments to resist unauthorised access to the lower compartments when an upper one is open.

All Wet Area Lockers are finished with an attractive gloss powder coating which includes Germ Guard. Not only does this make the lockers easy to clean, but provides protection for the users. Germ Guard is an antibacterial paint that is proven to reduce the spread of E.coli and MRSA.