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Laptop Storage Lockers 10 Compartment

Laptop Storage Lockers

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Laptop Storage Lockers

As technology advances, portable computers such as laptops and notebooks are becoming more powerful and are increasingly the computer of choice for many users. With the benefit of portability comes also a need to store portable computers when they are not in use, and such storage needs to be safe, secure and easily used. 

The GS Industries range of Laptop Storage Lockers has been designed with the need to store laptop computers very much in mind. Laptops are placed horizontally in their own compartments in which there is space for accessories such as charging cables, and in some models, carrying cases as well.

In the range, there is a choice of three units. There is a 10 compartment Laptop Locker with individual lockable doors, one per compartment. This has a footprint of 450mm (w) by 450mm (d) and compartments large enough to take some laptop bags. Then there is a 15 compartment locker, also with individual lockable doors, one per compartment. This unit has a footprint of 380mm (w) by 450mm (d). Both these units are suitable for circumstances when individual users need access to their locker at different times.

The third unit in the range is a 15 compartment locker but with a single lockable door. Each laptop is stored horizontally on its own shelf. This unit has a footprint of 380mm (w) by 450mm (d) and is suitable for circumstances where many users might require simultaneous access to their laptop locker compartment, such as in a classroom setting.

All Laptop Lockers are finished with an attractive gloss powder coating which includes Germ Guard. Not only does this make them easy to clean, but provides protection for the users.  Germ Guard is an antibacterial paint that is proven to reduce the spread of E.coli and MRSA.

We also offer a range of laptop charging lockers for those wanting to safely secure their laptops whilst charging them at the same time.