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Grey Coshh Cabinets

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Grey Coshh Cabinets


Coshh cabinets are a suitable and effective method for the storage of substances that fall into the coshh regulations.

  • Cabinets conform to coshh regulations
  • No snag metal handle with 2 point locking
  • Powder coated finish in grey
  • Cabinets come with adjustable galvanised shelves which have spill retaining lips for spill management*
  • Fitted with an integral liquid tight sump encourages the correct handling of spills through the use of absorbents*
  • Wall mounted coshh cabinets are pre-drilled for mounting (fixings not supplied)
  • Coshh floor chests have a hasp and staple lock (padlock not supplied)
  • Cabinet stands raise coshh cabinets off the floor by 500mm with an adjustable foot for uneven surfaces

*All grey coshh cabinets except wall mounted unit



Grey COSHH cabinets, also known as hazardous substance storage cabinets, are specialized storage units designed to safely store and handle hazardous substances in compliance with COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations. These cabinets are typically constructed with specific features to ensure the safe storage and containment of hazardous materials.

The colour grey is often used to indicate that the cabinet is specifically designed for the storage of hazardous substances. This color-coding system helps users easily identify and locate the appropriate storage cabinet for hazardous materials.

Grey COSHH cabinets are suitable for a variety of environments where hazardous substances are present, including:

1. Laboratories: Research laboratories often handle and store various hazardous chemicals and substances. Grey COSHH cabinets provide a secure and organized storage solution for these materials, reducing the risk of accidents or exposure.

2. Industrial facilities: Manufacturing plants and industrial facilities may handle hazardous substances as part of their operations. Grey COSHH cabinets help ensure the safe storage of these materials, protecting workers and the environment.

3. Healthcare settings: Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities may store hazardous substances such as cleaning agents, disinfectants, or pharmaceuticals. Grey COSHH cabinets provide a dedicated storage solution to prevent cross-contamination and ensure the safe handling of these substances.

4. Educational institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities that have science laboratories or art departments may require storage for hazardous materials. Grey COSHH cabinets offer a secure and compliant storage option for these institutions.

When using grey COSHH cabinets, it is important to follow proper safety protocols and guidelines for handling and storing hazardous substances. This includes labelling containers, ensuring proper ventilation, and training personnel on the safe use of these cabinets.