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Acid and Alkali Cupboards

Acid and Alkali Cabinets

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Acid and Alkali Cupboards

All caustic substances should be treated safely, sensibly and with due care and attention, no more so than in the workplace.

GS Industries, Acid & Alkali Cupboards make these substances easy to identify with their highly visible door labels.

All cupboards* come complete with an integral, liquid-tight sump to encourage the correct handling of spills through the use of absorbents. Cupboard shelves are also adjustable and spill-retaining* which gives these products superior spill management in case of accidents.

For those short on floor space, Wall Mounted cupboards are pre-drilled which makes it a simple job to fix them in place. Alternatively, where height may be an issue, stands are available to raise cupboards by 500mm. To make it even easier, each stand has an adjustable foot in the event of an uneven floor surface.


* All cupboards except Wall Mounted unit.

GS Industries also offer hazardous cupboards for the safe storage of hazardous substances.