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Laminate Door Lockers

Trespa Door Lockers

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Trespa Door Lockers

Although most of the lockers we offer are made entirely of steel, we’ve made an exception with our Trespa Door Lockers. Here the door is made from a man made material, such as a Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) or High Pressure Laminate (HPL). We’ve done this because we recognise that in most situations it is the locker door that comes in for most punishment. The laminate used for the door is tough and solid; it will not rust or dent and is highly resistant to scratches. This is mounted to a conventional steel locker carcass.

Trespa Door Lockers are suitable for wet or dry areas. In dry areas we use a mild steel carcass and a standard camlock. For wet areas, we use zinc coated steel for the carcass and supply moisture resistant camlocks.

We offer two sizes of footprint as standard – 300mm (w) by 300m (d) as well as 300mm (w) by 450m (d). This larger unit is particularly suitable for wet area use such as swimming pool changing rooms where there is often a need to store sports bags. Trespa Door Lockers come in a choice of door configurations, included one tier, two tier, three tier and four tier as standard. There is also a choice of door colours with a further range of laminates available subject to minimum order quantities. As a finishing touch, end panels are available in the same colour laminate as the doors.

The steel carcass of Trespa Door Lockers, is finished with an attractive gloss powder coating which includes Germ Guard. Not only does this make the paintwork easy to clean, but provides protection for the users. Germ Guard is an antibacterial paint that is proven to reduce the spread of E.coli and MRSA.