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20 comp pel locker

Personal Effects Lockers

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Personal Effects Lockers

If there is no need to store coats, clothes or bags, but there is a need to store valuable but small personal items, then the Personal Effects Locker could provide the perfect solution. This range of lockers has been specially designed to provide a small amount of storage space for each user for such personal items as mobile phones, satnavs, cameras, MP3 players, wallets, keys, purses, pagers and the like.

Each compartment is deliberately small, with an open aperture size of just 150mm (h) by 163mm (w). Apart from providing more than enough space to store small valuable items, this means that a large number of users can be accommodated in a small space. Up to 40 users can each have locker space in a unit that occupies less than one cubic metre and which takes up less floor space than an average office cupboard.

Personal Effects Lockers come in two widths and three heights. Apart from the usual 1800mm tall units there are also smaller units at 940mm and 1285mm tall. These can be positioned on tables to avoid the need for users to bend right down to floor level to access their compartment. These lower units can also be positioned under stairs, utilising what could otherwise be classed as dead space.

All Personal Effects Lockers are finished with an attractive gloss powder coating which includes Germ Guard. Not only does this make the lockers easy to clean, but provides protection for the users. Germ Guard is an antibacterial paint that is proven to reduce the spread of E.coli and MRSA.

  • Through frame shelf for extra security
  • Pre Drilled fro nesting together
  • Powder coated finish with Germ Guard Active Technology anti-bacterial paint
  • Fitted with standard mastered cam locks with 2,000 differs
  • Compartment entry aperture H x W x D: 150 x 163 x 360 mm