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The binpin is a lockable connector that enables you to connect several wheelie bins together or connect it to a wall fixing point. This helps deter vandals stealing and damaging wheelie bins by making the bins very hard if not impossible to move. The binpin works by attaching it to the handles of two adjacent bins to connect them together and can be continued in a continuous line of wheelie bins. When it is time to have the bins collected you simply unlock one side spin it around and attach the binpin to the handle of just one wheelie bin.

Key Benefits of the binpin

  • Securely locks bins together deterring theft and vandalism
  • Prevents spilled waste from knocked over bins
  • Ensures large rows of bins are uniform and tidy
  • Keeps bins stable in high winds and extreme weather
  • Rotating clamps for easy fitting and removal
  • Secure, quick release locking system
  • Flexible rubber, steel reinforced connector
  • Compressible collar fits any bin handle